*The Magic Knife Earrings*

Maybe you wouldn’t believe me if I told you I have a pair of earrings that have helped me manifest the biggest, baddest dreams in my life thus far.  So let me tell you the tale of my magic knife earrings.

FB_IMG_1537214899544 (1).jpg

I purchased these particular earrings at a period of time when my food obsession was at an all time high. I wasn’t working in a kitchen because my schedule as a single mother made me practically useless in a traditional restaurant model. Try as I might, I couldn’t get a job despite my eagerness, my experience and education in lots of other capable fields, my passion- and as I know now about the food industry, two arms and a heartbeat. I remember one night out with my friends, they were chatting and having a great time-I was obsessively staring into the kitchen, drooling over their giant whisks and wondering what on earth you could need something so large for. I wanted to know it all.

Enter my magic knife earrings. They were purchased at a local store that was way cooler than I am, and I bought them because “I love cooking, damn it”, and I wanted everyone to know it. Turns out, knives have a lot of puns and these earrings are a fantastic way to make friends. For example: when someone inevitably comments on them, I can retort:

“Thanks, they are pretty sharp huh?”

“I think they’re cutting edge fashion, too.”

“Yup, I’m killing it!”

“Fashion is on point today, right?”

“Sorry to be blunt about this…”

“That pun was really cleaver.”

“I butchered that one, hey?”

Little did I know that through these gloriously nerdy accessories, I was manifesting everything I’ve  ever wanted into my life. Despite a romantic record that had left me more than a little jaded-the biggest dream I’ve ever dreamt was that one day I would love and be loved by someone in a way that was *nothing short* of a soulmate. After many a false start, and years on my own as a full time single mom- I was under the impression that my current state of poverty and singledom would be a chronic condition.

The red thread of fate is the best way I can describe what it was like the day I met Rad. For those of you that would like a lot more invasive and romantic details about our courtship, I’ve written out the long form story of when Knifey met Spooney here. For the rest of you, the abridged: I got a job at the coolest, mostly vegetarian coffee shop I had ever been too (The Sleepless Goat for those of you who are from the area). A regular and obsessive fan girl for years, getting a job there was one of the best and most exciting days of my life. It was a progressive, queer positive, co-operative space that stood for everything I’ve ever loved-and their vegetarian kitchen was the first place someone trusted me to run a line (which I screwed up big time, every time btw and they still let me keep trying). It was on the very night that found out I got the job that I saw and fell in love with Rad for the first time. It wasn’t a done deal though-I had to court Rad for a full year, become their best friend, and truly go through some life ups and downs with this someone who was my perfect match- before we even started dating. We were in love before we even kissed (when does that even happen?!)

With this sweet beginning three years ago in mind, let me tell you about the day that Rad asked me to marry him (which was last friday!)


It was my birthday eve, and while I slept, Rad slipped out of the house to plan the biggest birthday surprise of all time. I woke up to find a *giant* bouquet of flowers, collected in an anarchist, yet loving gesture of  culling the neighbor’s flowers. (To the perhaps miffed residents of the Skeleton Park Neighborhood-thank you for your sacrifice, it helped plan the most beautiful proposal of all time and your one blooms will be immortalized in my heart and in photos forever.)


With a sweet and simple note, Rad asked me to “tie the knot” to the tune of two adorably hand tied jute rings.


I’ve spent the better part of two days crying in the garbage room closet (out of embarrassment mostly for my ridiculous soft heartedness). Knifey is a little concerned, but these tears of joy just can’t keep in. My cup runneth over a little too quickly to keep up with these days, turns out.

So, what exactly does this have to do with my knife earrings? Well, the beautiful business that became because we met is called “Knifey Spooney”. Without planning from us, our customers bestowed on us the titles of Knifey and Spooney (with me being Spooney, hence the blog title). Now, my earrings are the perfect accessory to thematically promote our business, but much more importantly they remind me of our beautiful life together-which is  truly a cut above the rest.


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